Sunday, May 23, 2010

photos of the weekend #20

This weekend all the pictures are old because 
Blogger is not willing to upload my new pictures...
These are Cairo memories...
Have a beautiful day!

Unknown Mami


  1. Incredible photos! Love all of them! My favourite must be the one of the birds with one flying to the window ledge! Even love all the raw textures of the wall! And my second favourite - a tie - must be the first two photos! Wonderful colour tones and shadow shapes!

  2. They may be old but sooooo good!! Thanks for your visit.

  3. Beautiful shots again this week. I love the first one, and the birds in the window of the building.

    Have a great week.

  4. These photos are stunning. I love how you captured the birds in the windows.

    The second photo is wonderful. It looks like such an ancient walkway.

    Cairo must be beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting me!

  5. These are great. And I hadn't seen them before so they were new to me!

    PS - I had some trouble uploading photos to blogger this week also. It was doing very odd things...

    Have a great week :)

  6. Marvelous captures! I love them! And like Tracy wrote, I haven't seen them before so they're new to me! Blogger does seem to be having some difficulties lately, I've had some problems, too. Enjoy your week!


  7. but what lovely memories to look back on!!

  8. These are all really special!

  9. ...and I thought my house was old and crumbling...ha...I had to go back a few times to enjoy them again, a place I will probably never see in this lifetime...maybe the next...have a beautiful Sunday...that darned blogger...I had to buy more space from Google to continue my blog...argh!

  10. WOW every single week I am blown away by the pictures you them!!!

  11. A never ending memories that will cherish forever.


    Hugs lot!

  12. Great amazing!

  13. The Sphinx, I suppose,
    is missing its nose, because
    of Bonaparte’s pride.

    Shadows in Dry Places

  14. Now I want to go to Cairo! What great photos and rich textures. And is that purple foam on the trucks? Very cool.

    Sorry Blogger is acting up but loved the tour.
    Happy SMIC,

  15. What impressive photography. You surely are able to see different. Love most the birds - being in need of much peace, calm and harmony, thank you very much.
    Agree upon the trouble with picture-uploads. Maybe a cup of tea may help, to get us through. Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

    daily athens

  16. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! I love seeing this. Thanks!

  17. you re so talented. I am finding it hard to choose a favourite but I think it has to be the first one, I just love the serenity that comes through x

  18. Kauniit värisävyt, ja toiseksi alin ehdoton suosikkini!!!

  19. They're all great. You are a phenomenal photographer.

  20. I love the reflection in the first picture. And the shadows in the second. And... :)

  21. What a batch! The truckload is amazing, and the texture of the sculpted stone pilars too. They (and the broken nosed sphinx too of course) seem so steeped in history!

  22. oh, how time flies!
    Thank you all for your visits and kind comments!!!


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