Monday, March 30, 2009

Macro Monday 'sandy monday'

Macro Monday by Lisaschaos
one day and that's what you get...sigh!
ps. i'm sorry but i don't have time to visit any blogs today...


  1. interesting! LOve the first shot a lot!

  2. What a neat idea! the pattern is very cool and the method? original!

  3. oh my! these are great ... but a little distressing, all that sand would make me a bit crazy!

  4. All that sand comes into your house everyday? ouch. I wonder how there's any left outside. :)

  5. Sorry I answer to all of you together...
    I've been in bed, in fever, still weak and sweaty...sigh!

    This time of year we get sandy storms/winds. That's when we get that much sand everywhere...of course not that much inside :)
    You could clean here every day...but you's almost impossible to 'fight' against the nature (or you clean every day and you love it!)


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