Thursday, December 11, 2008

yucky creature but I had to take several you know what this is?

I'm serious - NOT in my bed! Found this dead on the floor...anyone - what is this? Imagine the "legs" hit in to your body...autch, no thank you!


  1. It's an earwig...gross looking but pretty harmless.

  2. ew! i'd hate to wake up next to that!

    ...yea, i know the pictures weren't all too clear. I have a point-and-shoot camera. so, really small optical zoom + poor lighting conditions (no flash) = super grainy pictures... unfortunately.

    alas, this is why i'm only but a "picture taker"

  3. baxter king; oooh, spooky - I visited your blog!
    Thanks for the info, here is a link to read more

    chase; earwig - did you know that? I didn't!
    Don't worry but I'm kind of straigth person - I don't just say yes, yes good boy, if I don't mean it! I KNOW you know what I mean!
    I'm also picture taker!!! :-)


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